Scorecard Settings

Enable or disable features in the Scorecard Layout and Questions

General Options

Enable Notes

Enables the Notes tab, allowing Users to add notes to Scorecard Questions


Enable Chatter

Enables the Chatter tab, allowing Users to add Chatter to Scorecard Questions


Enable Activities

Enables Tasks to be added and displayed in Scorecard Questions


Click the '+' button to add a Task. A New Task Modal will open:

Score Output

Score Output enables the Scorecard Score to be displayed in points, percent or both.

Collapsible Summary Header

If enabled, summary categories are collapsed by default and expanded on mouse-over

Enable Account GPT

If enabled, Account Plans will have the ability to be enriched with GPT AI features


Category Options

Hide Categories

If enabled, all scorecard categories will be visually hidden

Disabled: if disabled, the Scorecard Categories are displayed

Consecutive Questions Numbering

If enabled, Question numbering will continue consecutively. If disabled, numbering is reset to 1 in each Category.


Uniform Category Widths in Summary

If enabled, each category within the summary will have the same size. Otherwise widths will be relative to the category score weight



  • Score Output: Determines how the score is displayed in the Scorecard and the Categories: Points or Percentages or Both
    Enabled for both Points and Percentages:

  • Collapsible Summary Header: If enabled, Summary Headers are collapsed by default and expanded with mouse-over


  • Enable Account GPT If enabled, the Account Plan Scorecard will be enriched with ChatGPT Open AI features.

Question Options

Show Selected Answers Only

If enabled, answer lists within Scorecard will show only selected answers to achieve more condensed view



Append Score to Answers

If enabled, all answer options will have appended score next to the text


Hide Inline Notes

If enabled, Question notes (if any) won't be displayed inline in the Scorecard Question item


Truncate Text Fields

If enabled, Opportunity fields referenced by the Question will be truncated if necessary. Applies to Text and Longtext field types.

Enable Annexes

Enables the ability to add annexes to the Question, such as links.