ClosePlan GuidePlaybook Settings

Playbook Settings

Enable or disable features in the Playbook.

  • Toggle the button next to the feature and click Save

  • Enable Files: Enables the ability to connect Links and Files to Events in the Events modal


  • Enable Notes: Enables the Notes section on the Events modal


  • Enable Chatter: Enables the Chatter tab on the Playbook Events Modal.




  • Enable Activities: Enables the Activity Section on the Playbook Events Modal


  • Enable Checklist Due Dates: Displays the Checklist item's due date in the Playbook Events Modal when enabled.


  • Hide Type field: Hides the Playbook Event type field from detail and list view. 

 If Disabled, the Type column will appear:


  • Hide Description Field: Hides the Description text field from the Playbook Events Modal

If Disabled, the Description Field will appear:

  • Hide Goal Field: Hides the Goal text field from the Playbook Event Modal

If Disabled, the Goal Field will appear:

  • Prevent Sales Process Change (recommended): If enabled, Opportunities with Staging Enabled ClosePlans will be prevented from changing its Sales Process in order to maintain the correct Process as defined in the Template.
    The Sales Process may change when the Record Type changes if it has a different Sales Process. The Record Type can be changed if the Sales Process remains the same.
  • Prevents user from deleting checklist items from Template: Prevents Users from deleting checklist items that are defined by the Templates.