Using Periods

Period settings enable the marking of important dates in the Gantt timeline report in Playbook.

The most common use case is the marking of fiscal quarter end dates.


  • ClosePlan Admin tab > Periods on the left panel menu


Create a Period

  • Click
  • Enter the Period name and select the Date from the calendaricon.
  • Click on the Color button and choose the color you would like to display in Gantt.
  • Click the Active checkmark box to make the period visible immediately and save it.



Period settings can be updated anytime. 

If you don´t mark the period as Active, it will be not shown in reports and Gantt view. 

Edit a Period

  • Click onby the period.
  • Make your changes and  save it.


Delete a Period

  • Click on  by the period and Confirm your step.