User Manager

In order to work with ClosePlan, users must be provided with a ClosePlan License and the correct Permission Sets using the ClosePlan User Manager.

Configure ClosePlan Permission Sets

To configure Permission Sets, you must have 'Manage Profiles and Permission Sets' permission granted. 

  • Go to ClosePlan Admin tab > User Manager

  • If no configuration exists, a prompt should appear.

    • If there is no prompt, click ‘Configure’ in the Permission Set Configuration section.

  • Click ‘Configure' next to the desired License type or click ‘Configure All Available’ to configure all License Types available in your Organization, and confirm.

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Step 1

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After Permission sets are configured, refresh the page. Configured Permission Sets appearing under the 'Permission Set Configuration' section should have the green checkmark. If not, please wait several minutes and refresh again.

NOTE: Permission sets are usually saved in a few seconds, but some organizations may have delays of up to several minutes.

Once the configuration is saved, you may proceed with user provisioning.

User Provisioning

User provisioning using the User Manager allows you quickly find users based on their name or profile and provision them. When provisioned, Users/Admins will have all necessary permission sets.
There are several ways to provision users:

  • Provision a single user:

    • Provision a single user by clicking on the User name

  • Assign Group:

    • Select multiple users using the checkbox and click the ‘Assign Group’ button.

    • All selected users will be provisioned with identical settings

  • Edit Group:

    • Select multiple users using the checkbox and click the ‘Edit Group’ button.

    • Every selected user is represented as a single row, and can be edited independently.

The following configuration fields are available when provisioning users:

  • Status

    • Only Active Users will be able to work with ClosePlan.

  • Access Level

    • User: Allows users to work with ClosePlan as a standard user.

    • Admin: Assigns the same rights as a User, plus the ability to manage application settings and configurations.

  • Suite-wide Licensing

    • Read Only: Grants selected Users ‘Read Only’ access to all modules

      • Can be combined with a ‘Full Access’ module license

    • Full Access: Grants selected Users full access to all modules

  • Per Module Licensing

    • Allows individual modules to be assigned to selected Users as ‘Read Only’ or ‘Full Access’

    • ‘Full Access' can be combined with ‘Read Only’ Suite licenses

Layout & Navigation Overview

  1. User Manager: 

    • Standard Users - Shows the number of active Standard Users 

    • Admin Users - Shows the number of active Admin Users

    • Users Total - Shows the number of total active users (Standard Users + Admin Users)

  2. License Information - Shows provisioned modules

  3. Legend

  4. Tools

    1. Export Users - Exports all Active Users in CSV format

    2. Redistribute Permissions - Manually triggers a permission set redistribution process.

  5. Permission Set Configuration - Shows which permission sets are configured

  6. Search Fields - Search for Users by field type

    1. All Users: Search according to status


    2. Profile: Search for a specific Profile

    3. Search: Search for a specific User

  7. Shows only Active Users. (Deselect the check box to see all Users). 

  8. Number of currently selected Users

  9. Assign Group, Edit Group, and Clear (See description above)

  10. User List - List of all Users and their settings