Scorecard Categories

Using Scorecard Categories

This section controls Deal Scorecard functionality. Scorecard Categories group Deal Scorecard questions together. These questions impact Deal Scorecard reporting and visualizations, and produce a score based on a specific focus area. 

Adding a question into a specific category is done from the Templates panel menu when you create a new Template with questions, or when you want to edit a Template in Draft mode.

The Category must be created before you create a Template for the Scorecard deal.


  • ClosePlan Admin tab > Scorecard Categories on the left panel menu


Create a Category

  • Click  button
  • Enter Category Name and optional Code
    •  Note: Code is determined for integration purposes, e.g. for Process Builder use to integrate the category in a report. 
  • Click  to save it




Edit a Category

  • Click on by the category
  • Rename the category or code and   save it.


Delete a Category

  • Click on  by the category and Confirm your step.


Only unused Scorecard Categories can be deleted. If a category is in use, it must be entirely removed from active templates prior to being deleted.