Make sure you are Admin in Salesforce

You must be a Salesforce System Administrator to install ClosePlan. If you are not, please contact your technical support.

Make sure your production organization runs Salesforce Enterprise edition

Your organization must run Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited edition to install ClosePlan. If your organization does not run Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited edition, please contact your technical support.

Make sure users in your organization who will be working with ClosePlan have a valid Salesforce User License.

If a user does not have a valid Salesforce User License, they cannot use ClosePlan. Contact your technical support to get additional licenses. 

  • How to find user licenses:
    • Go to Setup > Users > Users > open the user and check the user license => it should read: Salesforce


Required SFDC Features

The following features must be enabled prior to installing ClosePlan:

  • My Domain
  • Opportunity Teams / Opportunity Splits Feature
  • Chatter Feature
  • Notes Feature
  • Account Teams

  • My Domain
    • NOTE: If this configuration is missing, installation will be blocked. Make sure you have My Domain enabled before installation and deployed to users. 
    • Go to Setup > in the Quick Find box enter Company Settings > select My Domain 


    • If your domain name is missing ( you must register it:
      • Enter your preferred domain name (ie. this usually corresponds to your company website domain, if available)
      • The result will look like this:
      • Click Check availability
      • Register Domain
    • If your domain is not deployed to users you must deploy it: 
      • Click Deploy to Users button and deploy to all users. 


  • Team Settings / Opportunity Splits Settings Feature
    • Go to Setup > in the Quick Find box enter Opportunity Team Settings  > open it > check "Enable Team Selling" > Save
      • If you are using Opportunity Splits Settings, make sure this feature is enabled. 
  • Chatter Feature
    • Go to Setup > in the Quick Find box enter Chatter Settings > check "Enable" > Save
  • Notes Feature (This is an enhanced version of the Salesforce Notes & Attachments)
    • Go to Setup > in the Quick Find box enter Notes settings > check "Enable Notes" > Save
  • Account Teams
    • Go to Setup > in the Quick Find box enter Account teams > select Enable Account Teams > check "Account Teams Enabled" and Save.