ClosePlan GuideNamed Credentials Re-Authentication

Named Credentials Re-Authentication

Named Credential: ClosePlan Metadata Service is part of ClosePlan configuration and must be authenticated by an active user in the organization.

If a User is inactive, the configuration will break and will need to be re-authenticated by another active user.

Example: If the User leaves the company.

How to Re-Authenticate Credentials:

  • Go to Setup > into the quick find box enter Named Credentials.

  • Open ClosePlan Metadata Service > click Edit

  • Disable Start Authentication Flow on Save and Save

  • hit Edit again and Save

    • You will be redirected to a login screen > log into your organization

      • NOTE: Make sure you are logging in with the correct username and password for the particular production or sandbox org

  • The new authenticating User will be displayed here: