Upgrading ClosePlan

Manual Upgrades

To upgrade to the new version, follow the same steps as during installation:

  • Find the Installation link provided by the ClosePlan team and open it
  • Login into Salesforce as Administrator 

  • Select Install for All users > click Upgrade
  • Wait until ClosePlan successfully installs.
    • Installation can take longer than you think. You will receive an e-mail when the installation is complete.
    • NOTE: There may be additional issues which may prevent installation, such as specific configurations in your Salesforce organization. In such cases, please contact the ClosePlan team and forward any error messages presented during the installation.

Automatic Upgrades

Automatic upgrades are governed by ClosePlan and pushed to Clients under the following situations:

  • Client agrees to automatically receive the latest version upgrades.
  • Client approves new version install when requested.