Uninstalling ClosePlan

To uninstall ClosePlan app from your Sandbox or Production, follow these steps:


  1. Go to ClosePlan Admin tab > Environment > Maintenance > hit Delete Context Metadata button and Confirm


2. Go to Setup > Historical Trending > object CP Event > disable the checkbox Enable Historical Trending and Save


3. Go to Installed Packages and uninstall ClosePlan app



If Delete Context Metadata button is disabled:

  • Connected App configuration is broken (configuration for ClosePlan Metadata)

    • Go to Setup > Named Credentials > hit Edit by ClosePlan Metadata Service and Save.

    • Log in to your organization and hit the Delete Context Metadata button.

  • If the button is still disabled, please check out the Connected app, Auth.Provider and Named Credentials instructions from our guide and configure all. In case you need a help, contact ClosePlan support team.