Stakeholder Insights


The key to a deal’s success is understanding everything you possibly can about who you’re selling to. With the latest update to ClosePlan’s Stakeholder Insights, the power of’s data is combined with ClosePlan’s intuitive interfaces to deliver multiple key data points, consolidated where you need them most. No more clicking around to find what you need.

How it Works

Think of Stakeholder Insights as your one-stop-shop for all the information you need to know about the Contacts on your Accounts, and external participants in your deals. 

The Stakeholder Insights feature has been completely redesigned to deliver key information such as who they’re most connected to within your organization, what other deals they’re involved in, their engagement trends, and much more!

The best part? This new and improved interface requires no lift from admins to get up and running. Once updated to the latest ClosePlan managed package, this change will take effect automatically - no setup or configuration required.

Stakeholder Insights can be accessed from three locations within Salesforce, when viewing either an Account or an Opportunity.

  1. Stakeholder List (located on the Maps tab)

  2. Relationship Maps found under Opportunity tab

  3. Smart Scorecard

Anatomy of Stakeholder Insights

  1. Contact’s photo

  2. Contact’s name

  3. Contact’s job title

  4. Contact’s current company

  5. Contact’s location

  6. Engagement Score - Numerical representation of the Contact’s current level of engagement

  7. Dashboard tab - Primary tab of Stakeholder Insights featuring four tabs with more information about the Contact.

  8. Engagement - A detailed view of the Contact’s engagement trend. 

  9. Connections - Who else within your organization has interacted with this contact, and can introduce you.

  10. Opportunities - Which other Opportunities (if any) this Contact is involved in.

  11. Details - Tab with more information about the Contact such as an about section, contact information, notes, and covered by.

  12. Tasks - Past and upcoming activities this Contact is involved in.

  13. Engagement Trend Tile - This Contact’s Engagement Level, mapped over the past four months.

  14. Upcoming Activities Tile - A quick glance at this Contact’s past and upcoming activities.

  15. Connections Tile - A quick view that displays the individual within your organization that this Contact has interacted with most.

  16. Opportunities Tile - Displays another Opportunity this Contact is involved in, as well as a link to view the full list.

Things to Consider

  • Stakeholder Overview tiles are not currently configurable

  • This requires no setup or configuration. Once updated to the latest ClosePlan package version, these changes will take place automatically.

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