Business Units Default

Business Units are the units of a company to which you want to sell your products and services.

Business Units can be areas, regions, divisions, or other individual units inside a company. Your Customer Success Manager can help answer any questions you might have.

Note: Creating and editing Business Units requires the User to be a System Admin with Customize Application permission.

To access the list of Default Business Units go to ClosePlan Admin > Default Business Units

Add Business Units

Business Units can be added from a deployed Account Plan Template or can be added into the structure of an Account Plan Template from the ClosePlan Admin Tab

Add Individual Business Unit from a Deployed Template

  • In the top right of the Whitespace Section in a deployed Template, click on ‘Add Unit’

  • From the Sidebar enter the relevant information:

  • Name - Assign the name of the Business Unit

  • Product Lines - Product Lines are assigned during Template creation.

    • Enter the status of each Product Line as it relates to the Business Unit

      • Open - This space is open for competition

      • Deployed - Your Product or Service is deployed to this Business Unit

      • Competitive - You are in competition for this Product Line in this Business Unit

      • Competitor - Your competitor has provided this Product or Service

  • Metrics - Metrics are assigned during Template creation.

    • Enter the required information based on the Metrics

  • Create New Map - Create a New Relationship Map dedicated to this Business Unit for this Account Plan. This will open a new tab to create the Map.

  • Link Account Map - Link an existing Account Map to this Business Unit for this Account Plan

  • Save


Add Business Units from the ClosePlan Admin tab

  • Go to the ClosePlan Admin tab > Business Units Default

  • Click ‘+ Add’ button

In the pop up Modal, select the Type of Business Unit you want

  • Type - Select the type of Unit

    • Group - Groups contain Units (e.g. Group = North America)

    • Unit - A Unit can stand alone or be part of a group (e.g. Canada can be part of the group North America)

  • Name - Add the Name of the Business Unit

  • Description - Add an optional Description

  • Select Add to add the Unit, Select Add & New to continue adding more Groups and Units


  • In the above example, North America is the Group, Canada, USA and Mexico are the Items.