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You must map all data to synchronize the newly upgraded template with the old template. Failure to correctly map data will result in the loss of data


We strongly recommend testing an upgrade of one Opportunity to ensure your settings are correct and all data migrates successfully. You will receive an email when the upgrade is complete. Check that all data has migrated correctly.

Upgrading a Template

  • Make sure the Target (new) Template is ready for upgrade and is in Active mode.

  • Go to Import / Export and select the Source (old) Template, and the Target (new) Template

  • Click the Upgrade button

Upgrade Process

Once you click the Upgrade button you will go through a setup process.


5. Select Opportunities for upgrade and start the upgrade.

1. Get Started

‘Get Started’ displays the selected Source Template and the selected Target Template, with the option to switch between templates.


  • If you have already created and saved a data migration map for this source/target template combination, select the file to migrate the data.


  • Click Next

2. Options

‘Options’ allows you to delete custom Events, Checklist items and Documents which may have been added into the old template by users. You can choose to exclude these items from migrating to the new template.

  • If you choose to delete custom data, select the option(s).

  • Click Next.


3. Playbook

‘Playbook’ displays data from the Source (old) Template and from the Target (new) Template for Playbook.


  • When you have finished setting your map for deleted and added information, click Next

4. Scorecard

Scorecard mapping behaves in the same manner as Playbook.

  • When you have finished setting your map for deleted and added information, click Next

5. Finish

You are now ready to save your mapping and finish the upgrade process.


  • Save Mapping - will download your mapping for future use. It is recommended to save your mapping before testing or upgrading.

  • Which Opportunities should be upgraded?

    • Select Single Opportunity - will upgrade only one Opportunity.

    • Import CSV with Opportunity records

    • All Opportunities with Source template - will upgrade all Opportunities with Source template.

  • Start Upgrade - initiates the upgrade process

Upgrade single Opportunity:

  • Tick the Select single Opportunity option

  • Enter the name of Opportunity you want to upgrade and select it


  • When the upgrade has been completed, you will get a screen confirmation. You will also receive an email.

    • If you want to continue with additional upgrades click Continue with upgrades and repeat the process.

    • If you are finished click Close button


Upgrade all Opportunities:

  • Tick the All Opportunities with source template option

  • In ‘Exclude Filters’ you can select which Opportunities will be upgraded.

    • Exclude Closed Opportunities will upgrade only ‘open’ Opportunities. If you also want to upgrade ‘closed’ Opportunities, unmark the checkbox.

    • Exclude if Opportunity created sets the dates which opportunities will not be upgraded..